The Caspian Sea Innovation Network Training Webinars


Mazandaran Science and Technology Park Accompanied by Guilan Science and Technology Park Holding The Caspian Sea Innovation Network Training Webinars.

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  1. Definitions and models of developing an innovation ecosystem in universities, cities or region; 14 October 2020. 10 AM. 90 min.
  2. Preparing business plan and business model for an incubator, STP or area of innovation, 18 November 2020. 10 AM. 90 min.
  3. Accepting an innovating startup or company in STP or incubator, value added services, soft landing programs & etc. 23 December 2020. 10 AM. 90 min.
  4. Sharing of Experiences among the members, 27 January 2021.10 AM.120 min.
  5. Accreditation of an Incubator, STP or their tenant companies, 3 March 2021. 10 AM. 120 min.
  6. Free talk on innovation ecosystems in universities, cities or region, 14 April 2021. 10 AM.120 min.
  7. Half-life of knowledge, technology and innovation, 19 May 2021. 10 AM.120 min.
  8. Technology or company valuation, 30 June 2021.10 AM. 90 min.



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