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The Caspian Sea, the largest lake in the world, with geopolitical and economic importance, and the cultures and languages created around this huge lake and significant oil reserves has always been considered by powerful countries. Because this lake is linked to the former Soviet Union on the one hand, it has always been considered as an economic-political axis and a base for consolidation and domination of Asian countries, and On the other hand, the lake is considered as one of the most valuable national resources and the sturgeon resources of this lake are unimaginable in the world. Hence, many research and educational institutions in this field of marine sciences, shipbuilding, fishing, marine ecology and oil extraction ... have been formed in the former Soviet Union, and have extensive research in the fields of fisheries and marine engineering sciences take place in these research institutes.

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Imam Khomeini International University, Imam Khomeini International University Boulevard, Qazvin, Iran