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Yessenov University will be held 23rd General Assembly of the Association of State Universities and Research Centers of the Caspian Region Countries : On the occasion of the 45th anniversary of Yessenov University, 23rd General Assembly of the Association of State Universities and Research Centers of the Caspian Region Countries, will be held on December 2-3, 2021 on the basis of Yessenov University, Kazakhstan, Aktau in an offline format. In the course of the work, it is planned to discuss prospects and mutual broadcasting of the best experience in the integration of higher education in the Caspian educational space, discuss priority areas of scientific activity for further cooperation between universities of the Caspian region and the organization of joint events. Various communication formats will be available during the Forum: informal meetings of participants and guests, foresight sessions, etc.  Registrations for participation by e-mail info@yu.edu.kz the program of event and full information will be available on the website yf.yu.edu.kz
Timetable of 23rd General Assembly o : Timetable of 23rd General Assembly of the Association of State Universities and Research Centers of the Caspian Region Countries that will be held on the basis of Yessenov University, Kazakhstan, Aktau December 02, 2021 Conference hall Building 24 Atrium Sherkala 09.00-10.00 REGISTRATION. CAMPUS TOUR 10.00-12.30 Participants: rectors of Kazakhstani and Caspian universities, opinion leaders by industry, stakeholders, higher education experts . Content. The present YESSENOV UNIVERSITY is a stepping stone between the past and the future . YESSENOV FORUM: NEW MEANINGS aims to consolidate the key leaders of change: public authorities, universities, representatives of preschool and secondary education, industrial and oil corporations, business, tourism in determining priorities. Where is the region heading? Where is the University heading? Schools? What kind of personnel are we training? - medium and short term prospects for the region. Update: point of no return, what you need to take with you and develop further OPENING CEREMONY. CONGRATULATORY MESSENJI KYRYMBEK KOSHERBAYEV -State Secretary of the Republic of Kazakhstan NURLAN NOGAEV - Akim of Mangistau Region ASKHAT AYMAGAMBETOV - Minister of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan YURI PIMENOV - Executive Director of the Association of State Universities and Research Centers of the Caspian Countries BERIK AKHMETOV - President-Rector of Yessenov University 13.00-13.45 7th floor LUNCH (buffet for guests) 14.00-15.30 Expert panel "GENERATION Z - NOMADS OF NEW TIME" Why was the topic chosen and what is its significance? Universities are increasingly becoming an integral part of the global world, while the Caspian region is increasingly acquiring the status of a certain geopolitical space. The strategy adopted by Yessenov University, striving to make every possible contribution to the sustainable development of the Mangistau region and positioning in the Caspian region, puts forward a new range of tasks that need to be solved on the basis of the accumulation of scientific and educational energies of the universities of the Caspian five states. At the same time, first of all, it is necessary to create such conditions so that our students become open to mobility, creative work, ready to master any territory as territories of peace and harmony, to demonstrate a reference model of a global intercultural person. This will be the face and way of life of our today's student - the way of life of a modern nomad. Therefore, we must now clearly define in which direction we will go, what we will focus on in order to create a productive educational atmosphere around the Caspian and its future. At the moment, there are already prerequisites for the integration initiatives of the universities of the Caspian states. The participation of rectors of the Caspian universities in the forum indicates that they are ready to discuss new ambitions in the context of social changes and a new system of international relations. At the same time, it is quite possible that the Association of Caspian Universities will become a factor in uniting universities to solve urgent problems of the modern multitasking and complex world. Questions for discussion : What is the unique role of universities in the development of the commonwealth of Caspian universities? What new ambitions of universities can influence the development of the Association? Participants:rectors of Caspian and Kazakhstani universities, students, stakeholders, industry opinion leaders, higher education experts Format: panel discussion Time for speaker : 5-10 min. Moderators: Berik Akhmetov , President-Rector of Yessenov University Speakers: 1. ADILET TOIBAEV, Director of the Department of Higher and Postgraduate Education of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan 2. CHESTER YABLONSKY , Associate Provost of Postgraduate Programs at Nazarbayev University 3. DANKAN PRISTLEY, General Director for Institutional Effectiveness 4. Nazarbayev University 4. Nazarbayev University MUZAFFER ELMAS Prezident Higher Education Quality Council of Turkey, prof. dr. 5. AHMAD RAZI, Rector of Gilan University (Iran) 6. SAFARALI OGLI E. , Rector of Baku State University (Azerbaijan) 7. Rabadanov M.Kh., Rector of Dagestan State University 8. NONVALENNY ALEXANDER NIKOLAEVICH, Rector of Astrakhan State Technical University 9 . DABABRATA CHOUDHORY, Professor, Suffolk University , UK 15.30-16.00 COFFEE BREAK 16.00- 17.30 INSPIRING SESSION (Yakov Fedorov) Participants: students of Yessenov University 03 December 2021 Conference hall Atrium Audience 10.00-12.00 Expert panel "THE GREAT JOURNEY OF THE STUDENT AND THE STUDENT IN THE EDUCATIONAL SPACE" Why was the topic chosen and what is its significance? Rapid digitalization, the development of artificial intelligence, biotechnology, a breakthrough in the field of genetic research - all this contributes to the formation of a new request for the design of the "Concept of Student and Student travel in the modern educational environment." Generation Z and Alpha are more educated than the previous ones, and make serious demands on themselves and those around them, integrated into the digital environment from early childhood, they are confident, demand respect, are distinguished by their competitiveness and a competitive spirit. Modern universities and schools should inspire students to learn throughout life, develop and apply entrepreneurial abilities, create learning problems that will find real application. QUESTIONS FOR DISCUSSION The Student, Student Journey: How to shape the educational environment so that Generation Z and Alpha feel comfortable in it? What Competence Model of a modern Educator will be the most successful for preparing a competitive person? Participants: education managers of the Mangistau region, school teachers Format: panel discussion Time for speaker : 5-10 min. Moderator: GULVIRA MUSABEKOVA , Candidate of Pedagogy, Vice President for Academic Affairs, Yesenov University Speakers: 1. SVETLANA TULEBAYEVA , Head of the Department of Education of Mangistau Region 2. KUANISH SHONBAY, founder of Shonbay Online University 3. MARKELOV KA , Rector of Astrakhan State University 4. KARATABANOV RUSLAN, Academic Director of the Institute for the Development of Contemporary Education ЕDCrunch "Development of Constructively Coordinated Educational Content" 5. ALMAGUL KANAGATOVA, Head of Educational Programs of the Eurasian Center for People Management 6.ASEL BEISEMBINOVA, Director of NISH Aktau 12.30-14.00 DINNER 15.00-16.30 WORKSHOP OF EXPERTS / 30 minutes / WORKSHOP "Personal design life of teachers and principals" KANAGATOVA ALMAGUL, director of educational programs Eurasian Center for People Management members: manager Education Mangistau region, school teachers WORKSHOP "Developing structurally coherent educational content" KARATABANOV Ruslan, academic Director of the Institute for the Development of Contemporary Education ЕDCrunch Participants: education managers of the Mangystau region, school teachers, teaching staff of Yessenov University 16.30-16.55 COFFEE BREAK

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Association of State Universities of Caspian Sea Region Countries

Caspian Sea which is known as the world's greatest lake, has always been a matter of great power because of its geopolitics and economical importance, various cultures and languages created around it and above all its significant oil reserves. Because this lake is connected with the former Soviet Union on the one hand, it has always been regarded as an economic-political axis and a base for consolidation and domination of Asian countries, and on the other hand, the lake is considered as one of the most valuable national sources. And the sturgeon stocks of this lake are unimaginable in the world. Hence, many research and educational institutions in the field of marine sciences, shipbuilding, fishing, marine ecology and oil extraction... have been formed in the former Soviet Union, and have extensive research in the fields of fisheries and marine engineering sciences these research institutes take place.



Mission of the union of the governmental universities at the margin of Caspian Sea:

- Cooperative cultural, educational and research of universities employed

- The exchange of information on the fields of science related to the Caspian Sea

- Creation of the Caspian Sea database

- Holding seminars and joint training workshops about the Caspian Sea

- Publish a common scientific bulletin in English

- Exchange of professors and students in educational and research fields

- Creation of new fields related to the Caspian Sea at Union Universities

- Creating the necessary facilities to promote the language of the countries of the union

Timetable of 23rd General Assembly o

Timetable of 23rd General Assembly ...

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