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The web of Caspian expert has been installed :  Iranian National Institute for Oceanography and Atmospheric Science has installed the web of Caspian expert. http://caspianexpert.inio.ac.ir/caspianexpert/home  
The Caspian Sea Innovation Network : Mazandaran Science & Technology Park will hold a webinar of Importance of Networking on 29 July 2020.

Our Members   

Association of State Universities of Caspian Sea Region Countries

Caspian Sea which is known as the world's greatest lake, has always been a matter of great power because of its geopolitics and economical importance, various cultures and languages created around it and above all its significant oil reserves. Because this lake is connected with the former Soviet Union on the one hand, it has always been regarded as an economic-political axis and a base for consolidation and domination of Asian countries, and on the other hand, the lake is considered as one of the most valuable national sources. And the sturgeon stocks of this lake are unimaginable in the world. Hence, many research and educational institutions in the field of marine sciences, shipbuilding, fishing, marine ecology and oil extraction... have been formed in the former Soviet Union, and have extensive research in the fields of fisheries and marine engineering sciences these research institutes take place.



Mission of the union of the governmental universities at the margin of Caspian Sea:

- Cooperative cultural, educational and research of universities employed

- The exchange of information on the fields of science related to the Caspian Sea

- Creation of the Caspian Sea database

- Holding seminars and joint training workshops about the Caspian Sea

- Publish a common scientific bulletin in English

- Exchange of professors and students in educational and research fields

- Creation of new fields related to the Caspian Sea at Union Universities

- Creating the necessary facilities to promote the language of the countries of the union

The Caspian Sea Innovation Network

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Call For writing a collective monograph


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